Valley Fever Institute

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    Hours: Monday - Friday | 8am - 5pm

    Scheduling and Referrals: (661) 3262-800

    Support Group: (661) 489-5244

    Research Hotline: (661) 706-6748

    Fax: (661) 862-7536


    Please check your appointment reminder, as visit locations may vary.

    Main Campus:
    1700 Mt. Vernon Ave, Bakersfield, CA 93306

    Valley Fever Institute:
    1111 Columbus Street, Suite 5000, Bakersfield, CA 93305

    Stockdale Clinic:
    9330 Stockdale Hwy, Suite 400, Bakersfield, CA 93311

    Referral Information

    Although some insurance carriers do not require a referral for approval, our infectious disease doctors do require a referral be provided for all patients seeking care.

    For Valley Fever cases, our doctors will need all relevant medical records including a cocci serology with titers (positive Valley Fever test with titers) and a chest x-ray or CT scan. A medication list is also required.

    All of the above information should be sent to our office via fax to (661) 862-7536.

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