Valley Fever Institute

Dear Community Member: 

The Valley Fever Institute is excited to announce the return of the Valley Fever Walk which will be held on Saturday, March 18th, 2023 at the Kern County Museum.

For years, the Valley Fever Walk has provided an opportunity for physicians, patients and their families to come together with community members to raise awareness about the disease and the impact it has on Kern County. As Valley Fever cases continue to increase and add additional stress to already struggling families, it has become clear we must work together to not only strengthen patients’ support network, but also improve their outcomes in the fight against Valley Fever.

The 2019 Valley Fever walk raised over $70,000 to support local programs for Valley Fever patients, provided lodging and meals to patients participating in research studies, and allowed us to host more than 50 educational events in Kern County and throughout California. 

As a valuable member of our community, we hope that you can help us highlight the impact of Valley Fever by becoming a sponsor for the event. Your support will help us achieve our mission and increase education and awareness, support new research and continue to provide the best patient care available.

Attached you will find the different sponsorship opportunities for the event. We hope that you will join the fight against Valley Fever and show your support for all those previously and currently battling Valley Fever.

Please feel free to reach out to Rob Purdie with any questions at 661-489-5244.

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