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Onsite or Virtual Training Available

Contact Rob Purdie for more information:
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Health & Safety Training

The Valley Fever Institute is uniquely equipped to offer Valley Fever education and training to not only comply with California Labor Code § 6709, but to ensure your company implements and maintains industry leading best practices. 

Our team, currently led by internationally recognized infectious disease expert, Royce H. Johnson, MD, has developed a robust curriculum and materials, derived from our unmatched clinical expertise and scientific research. 

The Valley Fever Training is available for construction employees in Kern County and the surrounding areas, at no cost.

  • Meets California’s Valley Fever Training Requirement
  • Onsite or Virtual Training Available
  • Includes COVID-19 Training
  • Training provided under grant number SH-99067-SH0 from the U.S. Department of Labor

Not in construction?

Ask about education for other industries including:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Public Utilities
  • Renewable Energy
  • Agriculture

Demonstrate your commitment to employee health and safety as well as our community with training from the Valley Fever Institute.  Once your employees have completed the initial training, we can assist you in maintaining compliance as new directives and requirements emerge.

If you would like more information or to schedule a training, please contact Rob Purdie at 661.489.5244 or

California’s Training Mandate

A new California law, AB 203 of 2019, added § 6709 to the California Labor Code and requires construction employers who work in counties with high rates of Valley Fever to train their employees on minimizing the risk of Valley Fever annually.

Prior to AB 203, Cal/OSHA issued citations for failing to prevent Valley Fever exposure in employees, and has done so even when no disease was found.  While some of the citations have been successfully appealed, Cal/OSHA considers Valley Fever an occupational disease.

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has stated Valley Fever is a Work-Related Illness and indicated employers in areas where Valley Fever has been reported should do the following:

  • Include Valley fever as a hazard in your Injury and Illness Prevention Program
  • Plan projects to minimize dirt disturbance, and use water to keep dust down
  • Train workers on ways to prevent exposure to dust and about the symptoms of Valley Fever
  • Provide enclosed cabs with filtered air for heavy machinery work
  • Provide and ensure the correct use of respirators
  • Refer workers with symptoms to physicians familiar with Valley Fever
  • Report illness on Cal/OSHA 5020 form and 300 logs
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